August 2018:

The Sound Bath at Divine Shine Healing Center far exceeded my expectations. The therapeutic quality of the deep rest I experienced cannot be overstated. Physically, it’s similar to the neurohormone release after a good massage (at a fraction of the price!) As a devout Christian, I appreciated that Mokeph was sensitive to my religious sensibilities and explained how I didn’t need to share all her beliefs in order to benefit from the experience. Indeed, from the moment I prayed at the beginning of the session to the end, for me it was a truly spiritual and personal encounter with Jesus. I left with an abiding sense of peace and encouragement in soul and body. I know these words seem like they are describing something intangible. The results are anything but! I encourage everyone reading this to give it a try. I know I will go back soon. Thank you, Mokeph!

Shawn M.