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Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki:

  • Private Session. This Japanese technique channels universal life energy to promote healing and relaxation while reducing stress. Reiki energy is guided by spiritual consciousness; it is benevolent and balancing.
  • Distance or “Remote” Reiki Healing. Regardless of your location, sit back and relax in your own private space while receiving the Reiki blessing. With simply your name and city/state, Mokeph can send loving Reiki guidance directly to you. PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp payment required.
  • Spirit Attachment Healing. Using Holy Fire® Reiki, discarnate spirits are able to let go of their attachment to the physical world, and release into the light of Universal Love. This method is compassionate to both the client and the spirit.
  • Mobile Reiki Session. Enjoy healing in the comfort of your home or other private space. This option is limited to the Inland Northwest, and requires an additional fee for travel. Price varies. $80+.


A Holy Fire® Reiki session can be given from a distance, or with gentle touch.

Vibrational Sound Therapy:

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Session. Fully-customizable, personal, and designed for the individual. 60+ minutes of Sound immersion allows the body to enter a “yogic trance” where deep healing and regeneration occur. Dive into the mystery of the subconscious mind with a unique SoundScape experience.
  • Herbal Remedy Sound Therapy. Using local, wild-crafted herbal remedies, the sound vibrations are infused with the medicine of the Earth. Achieve ultimate results for your ailment.
  • Outdoor Sound Therapy. We will walk into nature and bathe in Mother Earth as well as Himalayan Singing Bowls. This service requires clients to help carry blankets/pillows to the site of choice. Minimal hiking required. Add birds, bees, wind and sunshine for the full spectrum SoundScape mixture. 
  • Small Group Sound Therapy. Share the experience with those you love. Small groups of 2 or 3 people (due to limited space.) Sonic resonance from sacred instruments envelop every fiber of the Being, leaving each person feeling rejuvenated, enlivened and at peace.

ALL Healing Sessions include about 15 minutes of talking before/after. Please allot a full 30-60 minutes of extra time for your full relaxation experience. Offerings are on a “sliding scale” basis for folks on limited income. 

Reiki & Sound Therapy Combined:

  • Divine Shine Healing. Unlock the magnificence of Mind, Body and Spirit with a 90-minute immersion of Sound Therapy and Reiki combined. This session includes a “sound massage” and guided meditation experience.
  • Sacred Wisdom Healing. A 60-minute version of the Divine Shine Healing.
Small group Sound Therapy and Reiki combo sessions available.

Additional Options:

  • Yoga Therapy Session. Together we will determine a path that best suits your body’s needs. Every body is unique, and I cater to the individual.
  • Spiritual Advising. As an experienced meditator and empath, Mokeph offers insight to the possibilities of your life.


  • 30 minutes: $40
  • 60 minutes: $60
  • 90 minutes: $80
  • 120 minutes: $110
  • Added person: $35 each
  • These prices are for a one-on-one session. Additional cost for adding people, travel, or special circumstances.

**Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand.

**Gift Cards Available**


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