“Spirit Re-alignment Mini Retreat” – a wonderful day of Yoga + Sound Therapy in Colville, WA. September 26, 2021
BEAMING unconditional Reiki love energy to my amazing community, and the world.
As a community, we can heal one another. Reiki Share Spokane was a regular Pre-Covid event at Divine Shine Healing Center.
Playing for Spokane at the Riverfront Park Pavilion: June 27, 2020
Divine Shine Healing Center is a place to Renew, Rejoice, and Regain the Inner-Light-of-Knowing! 🙂
Enjoy a personal Sound Meditation at Divine Shine Healing Center: a place of nourishment.
Reiki is the gift of Unconditional Love. ❤
This amazing set of 4 gongs can connect you to Cosmic Truth.
A special day of healing at The Souls Center. March 13, 2019.
Incredible evening of Crystal Singing Bowl sound meditation at A Spiritual Touch in Coeur d’Alene, ID. February 10, 2019
Mokeph leads a Sound Attunement Odyssey at Abide Yoga Collective. July 2018.
The spectacular 32” Eight Corners of Heaven Gong!! 😍
Seth Walser and his twin teenage sons enjoy a family Sound Bath with the additional soundscape of Nature. May 2017.
Douglas Atkinson has a profound experience during his personal Sound bath. July 2018.
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Himalayan Singing Bowl detail.
Divine Shine Healing session, March 2019.
A Sound Healing offering to the community at The Souls Center in Kendall Yards, July 12, 2018.
“She Spoke Out,” a charity fundraising event with a mixture of performance art styles, with proceeds benefiting the local non-profit: The Women’s Hearth, July 28, 2018.